The fabric is cut, interfacing ironed on and we are ready to sew… oh what’s this? You don’t need a serger? Well yes that’s great. Except the instructions are now all written as though you are working on a normal sewing machine and don’t easily translate into using a serger / coverstitch machine for the neckline.

No worries. I’ll just put it to one side and procrastinate for a little while until I can face it. Not an issue. It’s only taken me eight years to really get back into sewing.

I have a feeling I’ll be mentally rewriting a few pattern instruction booklets from sewing machine to serger over the next phase of my sewing journey. The joy. At least I am sewing again.

Tabor V-Neck T-Shirt v3.1
Laid out ready to cut… improvised pattern weights

Written by PeculiarGinger

Maker of things... via knitting, sewing, cooking and the off-products of beekeeping. Mama of one baby boy and servant to one fluffy black cat.

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