Ancient WIPs

Finally, a project from October 2013 is finished! All that was needed was to make the ties and attach the pompoms. I had a bit of a brain-fart over these so left them in the back of the cupboard all those years ago.

Now I’m trying to work through some of my backlog of projects and get more managed and controlled. So I got them out and figured out how to finish them and viola, here we are!

I’ve another smaller pair in creme with a little more work than these to complete. Nearly there now… just another hours work I think and I can post them also. It feels so good to clear the cupboards.

In other news the muslin for my first ever trousers fitted really well. Just need to lengthen and deepen the back darts a little and all is good. I cut the fabric (!!!) and now need to do the lining and gather threads and a zipper. Feels good to be making progress and not feel like I’m ready to give up at the first hurdle – not that I’ve had one here yet.


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