I made a thing!

Finally! I made this little bunny for a colleague who has been incredibly kind and supportive over the last six months. I wanted some way to show my thanks and she loved it. 

Pattern is Spring Bunnies (free!) and supplies from Cross & Woods. If I did it again I would change the increases and decreases on the head to staggered as opposed to stacked to make a smoother shape. Otherwise I love it! 

Starting again, again… food diary. 

So again I say, best start a food diary, again. 

You see, I start these things and as soon as some results start to show I get lazy and stop. Eventually the results stop happening and later still disappear, either entirely or usually in part. 

I’m not fat. I’m not skinny either. I’m a UK 10-12, more muscular the soft but not as muscular as I was six months ago. I go in and out in all the nice places, hourglass is the oft ascribed term. So there’s nothing wrong per se. I just don’t feel like I’m being very healthy. I’m not fuelling myself to good effect and not looking after my one and only body that has to sustain me through good and bad, and for hopefully many decades to come. 

I also have crap skin. Not acne but I do get hormonal flare ups. I have exceptionally oily skin with constant little blackheads covering my face like a fine dust and wending their way across the softer parts of my body. Nothing major, nor significant. But they are there and I do wonder how much diet plays a part. 

So dear readers, I will embark on a project not on my 2017 plan. I will keep a food diary to track my eating habits and encourage better ones. To improve my energy levels and physical well being and see if my skin clears up at all. No need to be a saint but perhaps laying off all the seven circles of hell may not be such a bad thing. 

And you never know, I might even loose some of the soft squidgy stuff in the bargain!