Looking forward so I can look back

I’m presently trying to find a collection of sewing and furniture restoration blogs to inspire and encourage me for the year ahead. One theme I notice across the sewing blogs at least is the ‘Plan for 2017’. Whilst I have some ideas for 2017 in mind, there is not a lot that’s concrete and whenever I make plans fate proceeds to laugh manically and give them a good battering. However, in the spirit of always moving forward, here are my plans, from a projects and crafting perspective, for 2017.

House & Home

We bought our house on 29 February 2016 and commenced ripping it apart a month later. I’ll post more details in a future post but for now here are the plans for 2017:

  • Complete renovations on 1st and 2nd floor, excluding main bathroom
  • Complete hallway renovations, excluding glass and steel doors
  • Complete ground floor renovations, including new kitchen
  • Repaint and repair house exterior, including balconies
  • Clear and re-landscape garden, but don’t expect to replant and rebuild this year

Fibre Crafts

I spin, knit and crochet, although spinning is new and I’m still in the early beginner stage!

  • Loose 5kg from stash – if I knit 5kg but buy 4kg then I have only lost 1kg. Therefore knit / crochet / spin lots and buy little. Spinning fibre to yarn counts as reduction, and then knitting or crocheting that yarn counts a second time, so double whammy. Not yet decided on whether de-stashing counts.
  • Practice spinning on variety of fibre types and thicknesses. Achieve usable skeins of yarn in lace, DK and worsted weight.
  • Finish black lace beaded shawl for my sister’s 40th on 23 April.
  • Clear out ancient WIPs – finish or frog.
  • Finish x4 shawl WIPs – one already completed in January so three left.
  • Knit my first jumper – worsted Malabrigo yarn ready and waiting.
  • Knit my first cardigan – sport weight merino/cashmere blend ready and waiting.
  • Knit my first gloves – fingering weight merino ready and waiting.
  • Knit three winter hats.
  • Knit socks for nephew birthday and Christmas.
  • Knit hat for brother-in-law for Christmas.
  • Start cobweb beaded wrap – yarn ready and waiting.
  • Knit stripy baby blanket – merino DK ready and waiting.
  • Finish crochet dragon for friends son.
  • Crochet various critters as the desire surfaces!


I haven’t sewn in years but am feeling the pull again. The plan is to start small and simple and build from there.

  • 2 x circle skirts
  • 2 x pencil skirts
  • 2 x wide leg trousers
  • 2 x blouses
  • Start first ever coat (finishing ideal but not expected)!


I am recently called to furniture restoration/renovation… milk paint is on order!

  • Repaint spinning wheel – plan is to do this in the next couple of weeks
  • Strip and paint dining table and six chairs
  • Restore/repaint bedside cabinets for spare room (only have one so need to find a second)
  • Find and restore/repaint chair to go with desk in spare room
  • Find and restore/repaint large drawer cabinet for front room / potential future nursery

So, a busy year planned… it’ll be interesting to look back at the end of December and see how life panned out.

Oh, and in case you’re wondering – the cat is our eight month old kitten Daisy. Little terror who loves my big 50s petticoats and started to try and eat this one just after the photo was taken!


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